Welcome to Kenji Hashimoto Laboratory, Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems (IPS), Waseda University.

We aim to develop mobile robots that exceed the capabilities of humans and other living things, not only on land, at sea, and in the air, but also in the space environment in the long term. Our research targets not only legged robots like humanoids, but also mobile robots such as wheeled, flying, and hybrid types. In addition to the hardware development of robots, we also address software issues such as recognition of the robot’s surrounding environment, path planning, robot motion generation, and controller design using various types of sensor information, in order to make the robot autonomous and intelligent.

In addition to the development of mobile robots, we aim to create a world where people and robots can work in harmony with each other, in cooperation with fundamental technology developers, environmental infrastructure developers, and mobile robot operators.

As of April 2024, the laboratory has 7 Ph.D. students, 22 master’s students and 1 undergraduate student.

Spring 2024 MRP Lab