We are currently working on the following research topics.

Biped Robot

We are studying motion control and hardware of biped robots.

Hopping Robot, MH (Meiji Hopper) series

With the long-term goal of realizing a legged robot (biped or quadruped) capable of dynamic locomotion such as jumping and running, we are developing a monopod robot with one degree of freedom each at the hip and knee joints.

  1. Asahi Anzai, Toshihide Doi, Kazuki Hashida, Xuechao Chen, Lianqiang Han, and Kenji Hashimoto, “Development of Prototype Electric-driven 2-DoF Monopod Robot for Hopping Motion,” Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2021), pp. 1182-1187, Takamatsu, Japan, August, 2021.

Quadruped Wheeled Robot, MELEW (Meiji Leg-Wheeled Robot) series

We are developing a quadruped wheeled robot that combines the features of both a leg robot with high mobility on uneven terrain and a wheeled robot with high-speed locomotion ability on flat terrain.

Acrobot (Acrobat Robot)

We are developing an acrobot that can perform giant swing on high bar.

Component Technology Using Fluid Power

Robots are often developed using electric motors, but we are also conducting research using fluid power such as pneumatic, hydraulic, and water pressure.
We have achieved a strong connection between a porous link and an elastic body, and by giving the elastic body the same structure as the McKibben-type artificial muscle, we have realized the integration of the link, joint, and actuator.

Assist Suit

In preparation.

Robot Using Exaggerated Expressions in Comic Books

We are working on the development of robots that utilize the exaggerated expressions found in comic books.
We have developed a robot head that has eyes and a lower jaw that pop out greatly, and a system that can display streamlines.