We aim to develop mobile robots that exceed human and biological abilities. We research not only legged robots but also mobile robots such as wheeled, flying and their hybrid type. Specifically, we are working on research subjects such as hardware development, environment recognition, path planning, robot motion generation, and controller design using various sensor information.
Disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods, etc., are a global occurrence. Recovery work and field surveys are required at disaster sites. However, in some situations, disaster locations are not easily accessible to humans. Our robots are expected to be able to work in hazardous environments on behalf of humans.

Annual Schedule

Early March 2019 Determination of research theme
Late June 2019 B3 students assignment / Welcome party for B3 students
August 2019 First midterm presentation / Laboratory camp
Early December 2019 Midterm examination presentation for M1 students
Late December 2019 Second midterm presentation / Year-end party
Mid January 2020 Robot contest by B3 students (Seminar 1)
Early February 2020 Graduation thesis presentation (Poster)
Late February 2020 Master’s thesis presentation (Oral) / Graduation thesis presentation (Oral)
Late March 2020 Graduation ceremony

Robot Contest by B3 Students (Seminar 1)