AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2024@Beppu, Japanで発表

AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2024@Beppu, Japanにおいて2件の発表を行いました.

  • Yilin Zhang, Xiaohan Du, Huimin Sun, Shanshan Wang and Kenji Hashimoto, “Stable Walking Method of Biped Robots in Gusty Environments with Deep Reinforcement Learning,” Proceedings of AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2024, pp. 419-423, Beppu, Japan, January, 2024.
  • Huimin Sun, Yuan Huang, Yilin Zhang, Chi Li and Kenji Hashimoto, “Manipulator Grasp Detection Based on a Novel CAG Block and Multi-Scale Inception,” Proceedings of AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2024, pp. 725-730, Beppu, Japan, January, 2024.


Machines に論文が採択

Machines に論文が採択されました.

  • Junsei Yamano, Masaki Kurokawa, Yuki Sakai and Kenji Hashimoto, “Realization of a Human-like Gait for a Bipedal Robot Based on Gait Analysis,” Machines, Vol. 12, No. 2, 92, 2024.
    (doi: 10.3390/machines12020092)


IEEE Access に論文が採択

IEEE Access に論文が採択されました.

  • Zhendong Du and Kenji Hashimoto, “TCNAEC: Advancing Sentence-level Revision Evaluation through Diverse Non-native Academic English Insights,” IEEE Access, Vol. *, pp. ***-***, 2023.
    (doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3342862)


CSAI 2023@Beijing, Chinaで発表

CSAI 2023@Beijing, Chinaにおいて1件の発表を行いました.

  • Zhendong Du and Kenji Hashimoto, “Exploiting Paraphrasers and Inverse Paraphrasers: A Novel Approach to Enhance English Writing Fluency through Improved Style Transfer Training Data,” Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI 2023), pp. ***-***, Beijing, China, December, 2023.


PACLIC 37@Hong Kongで発表

PACLIC 37@Hong Kongにおいて1件の発表を行いました.

  • Zhendong Du and Kenji Hashimoto, “Data Augmentation for SentRev using Back-Translation of Lexical Bundles,” Proceedings of the 37th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 37), pp. ***-***, Hong Kong, December, 2023.


MASR 2023@Kitakyushu, Japanで発表

MASR 2023@Kitakyushu, Japanにおいて1件の発表を行いました.

  • Jianan Xie, Yue Yi and Kenji Hashimoto, “Robot Car Motion Control Leveraging Hand Gesture Recognition with MediaPipe,” Proc. of the Workshop on Next-generation technology for AI application strategic industries: MASR 2023 (Mobility, AI, Semiconductor, and Robot), pp. 53-56, Kitakyushu, Japan, November, 2023.


IFToMM WC 2023@Tokyo, Japanで発表

IFToMM WC 2023@Tokyo, Japanにおいて1件の発表を行いました.

  • Ayumu Nara and Kenji Hashimoto, “Power Transmission Mechanism from Upper Limb to Lower Limb by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Development of Self-Assist Suit,” Abstract Booklet of the 16th World Congress of the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM WC 2023), pp. 9-10, Tokyo, Japan, November, 2023.


ROCLING 2023@Taipei city, Taiwanで発表

ROCLING 2023@Taipei city, Taiwanにおいて1件の発表を行いました.

  • Zhendong Du and Kenji Hashimoto, “Sentence-Level Revision with Neural Reinforcement Learning,” Proceedings of the 35th Conference on Computational Linguistics and speech Processing (ROCLING 2023), pp. 202-209, Taipei city, Taiwan, October, 2023.


CLAWAR Association Best Technical Paper Award -Second Runner-up Prize- (CLAWAR 2023)を受賞

CLAWAR 2023@Florianópolis, Brazilで発表した下記論文がCLAWAR Association Best Technical Paper Award -Second Runner-up Prize- を受賞しました.

  • Taisei Suzuki, Hayato Ota, Hiroki Takenaka, Takayuki Tanaka, Yuta Ishizawa, and Kenji Hashimoto, “Leg Mechanism of a Quadruped Wheeled Robot with a 4-DoF Spherical Parallel Link Mechanism,” Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR 2023), Florianópolis, Brazil, October, 2023.